Client Buzz…

Working with [Christine is] inspiring, and produces life-changing results.

While deep down I might have known it all along, I feel forever indebted to Christine for helping me figure out a way to articulate my life’s purpose. I now have a solid foundation and sense of self that helps me make decisions and go about living my life in a way that feels authentic to who I am. I consider myself a pretty analytical person, and yet Christine was able to ask many tough, powerful questions that I had never even thought to ask myself before! It is more than obvious that she has a genuine passion for helping others get past their self-imposed roadblocks to realize their dreams, which not only makes working with her inspiring, but also produces life-changing results.

Erica Horowitz

I TRUST her to help me as I continue on my life journey...

Christine gave me so much insight into the various energies that drive me through astrological coaching sessions.  I learned why I present myself to the world in the manner that I do and how I can utilize these energies to co-create the life that I am on this earth plane to live. Working with Christine has been such a positive and growing experience for me!! I TRUST her to help me as I continue on my life journey and am now working with Christine in soul development coaching.

Ana Patricia

I found coaching with Christine to be profoundly motivating…

Before I started coaching I knew what some of my career goals were, but I felt unsure about how to make these goals a reality. Christine’s coaching helped me design inspiring plans of action aimed at reaching my career goals and creating a life for myself that feels balanced. Christine is deeply kind, empathetic, and non-judgmental which fostered a coaching environment in which I felt that I could be completely honest. She helped me to recognize and overcome negative beliefs about myself that were hindering my ability to fulfill my dreams. I found coaching with Christine to be profoundly motivating…

S. Liben

Christine brings her own brand of magic to the process...

Christine did an astrological coaching session with me that changed my life. She helped me identify a childhood trauma that I had not recognized was keeping me from being whole. Not only did she help me discover the effect this event had on my life, but she also helped me figure out a way to resolve it. The amazing changes that came as a result are still reverberating six months later. Christine brings her own brand of magic to the process and she makes this a beautiful journey of discovery.

 Megan G.
Swarthmore, PA

My outlook on myself [has changed] for the better....

My work with Christine has changed my outlook on myself, for the better. Our coaching sessions have focused on my issues of my" holding on to stuff" and increasing the clutter in my life. Today, I am on the road to being clutter free and living well. Without these coaching sessions, this would not have happened. I invite you to try and see for yourself. It can work.

J. Alden

I am calmed, nurtured, and uplifted in working with her...

Christine coaches from a place of deep inner "knowing", and takes me to unexpected places  in the search for answers to the questions in my life. Her ability to delve into my soul's entire journey gives me information from past, present, and what is to come, and leaves me knowing more about what to do with my current set of challenges. Her coaching skills gently but firmly focus my attention on those important things I've been avoiding, and give me the confidence to address them in a healthy way. I am calmed, nurtured, and uplifted in working with her.

Catharine Newberry
Poconos, PA 

I am so very grateful...

Christine brings her keen intellect, humor, emotion, and spirit to our coaching, which has made the experience deeply rewarding. Through working with Christine a comprehensive picture of my business goals, as well as a path towards their achievement, have become clear. I am now well on my way to a successful business and for that I am so very grateful!!

A. Heffner