Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde: Pisces to Aquarius

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Here we go! This retrograde cycle starts out in the watery terrain of re-exploring the quality of our lives and shifts to the intellectual consideration of our relationships on February 14th. To make things more intriguing, toss in that Venus (our planet of love) is conjunct Pluto (the bringer of truth and the awareness of [...]

Till Next Time Mercury Retro…

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So... how's this Mercury Retrograde been treating ya? Wacky, right? One thing Mercury the teacher likes to do during a retrograde cycle in water is re-introduce you to your former self by bringing back people who shine a light on that old way of being. Mercury was so kind as to resurrect not one but [...]

Birthing Your Independence: Mercury Retro in Cancer

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Play Podcast Taking ownership for our own happiness now allows us to create meaningful lives today."― Christine Faucher-Kelley On our country's upcoming "birthday", we continue to ride out this emotional Mercury Retrograde in Cancer (6/26/13-7/19/13). As I mentioned in my last post, in addition to the usual Mercury Retrograde cautions to be mindful, this cycle [...]

Where are you?

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Where were you when you opened this blog post? Not physically, I'm talking about in your head, in your heart. Were you here, in this moment? Or were you somewhere in the future, or in the past? A few days ago I was on my way to visit my Mom in the hospital (she's home [...]