Astrological Primer

Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio & Your Sun Sign

To ancient peoples the Moon represented a mysterious friend in the darkness: shining brightly some nights while other nights it went missing altogether. Eclipses must have been terrifying experiences for our ancestors... "Would the Moon (or Sun) ever come back? Were the Gods angry at us?" Followed by sighs of relief upon the luminary's return. [...]

Moon Void of Course 101

The moon guides our emotional needs. When it is Void of Course, sit back and reflect.

(Calendars Provided below: November-December, 2013. Or SUBSCRIBE to the iCal calendar which will be updated monthly.) The Moon Void of Course is a time of drifting and dreaming and quiet contemplation... The Moon (the seat of our emotional needs) has completed its aspect "to-do" list, and will "hang out in the Void" in its current [...]

An Astrological Primer – Moon Sign

A very sensible Aries Sun/Capricorn Moon friend of mine recently said: "It's still not clear... to me what it means when you refer to the Moon "being in" Aries? I think of the Moon as always being in the sky and illuminating me and my life..." And this statement got me to thinking that perhaps [...]

How do your Moon’s needs affect your choices?

While your Sun Sign represents the energy that fuels your life purpose, your Moon Sign represents those unconscious needs that, when unfulfilled or disowned, sap your energy and leave you feeling flat, overwhelmed, or just plain emotional. Your Moon Sign indicates what you need to feel comfortable, peaceful and centered. (See Part One of an [...]

Oy! Ophiucus and the 13th Sign Scam…

Ophiuchus constellation

OK, people... You don't believe everything you hear or read on the internet, do you? This (shall I be polite?) hoax is dragged out every few years to fill space, in a vain and ridiculous attempt to discredit Astrology. As Rob Brezsny put it: I understand that scientists like him [Parke Kunkle] don't like to [...]