Moon Void of Course

Moon Void of Course Pisces to Aries

With the Moon in Pisces, as it will be starting at 12:00 pm EST today 2/11/13 until 8:41 pm EST on 2/12, we are all experiencing a tendency to dream. Collectively, we put on our rose-colored glasses and we want to "peace-out", or otherwise contemplate our navels. This is not a great time to be [...]

Moon Void of Course, Taurus to Gemini

Well Folks, while Mercury is back on track today, it's still dicey out there when it comes to the timing of major decisions or serious changes... The Moon will be "Void of Course" for some big chunks this week, starting tonight (11/26) from 7:57 pm through tomorrow (11/27) until 7:58 pm and then again on [...]