Living in Choice

Are You an “Epiphany” Junkie?

Man and Dog

Warning: This post may piss you off... If one more person tells me that their event will "change my life forever" I may have to hit them with an overripe banana. I don't know if it's just a New York thing, but everybody and their cousin seems to be offering "breakthrough", "life changing", "shake up [...]

Gratitude on Thanksgiving

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Play Podcast (Originally Posted: 11/30/10; Revised: 11/28/13) As we enter the Holiday Season, I notice people’s mindsets tend to line up along a continuum: one extreme experiences the joy of the season, while the other wants it to be over as quickly as possible. We all have the potential to delight in the joy of [...]

Sun Signs of Change

Change & You, What's Your Sign?

Perhaps you are one of the “well-adjusted” people who can recognize every moment as one that serves a purpose; you flow with what comes, you create your days and live in perpetual gratitude, giving from an endless well... Mazel Tov and a heartfelt blessing goes out to you; we need you in the world! For [...]

The Pilot of Your Soul: Your Patterns of Choice

Automatic Pilot from "Airplane"

Play Podcast People are often surprised when I talk about Astrology from the perspective of "choice". Many seem to believe that astrology is about static, carved in stone, "the way it is", fated information... and they couldn't be more wrong. It's the reverse that's true; the wisdom of astrology actually increases your personal growth & [...]