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From "Me" to "We" – Growing Compassion

Girl running on sunset beach, Aries Moon lunar needs

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion." —The Dalai Lama People look at me funny... always have. Maybe it's Pluto conjunct Uranus in my first... perhaps it's just because you never know what I’m going to say. Heck, I rarely know what I’m going to [...]

WTF is going on? (Yup, Uranus Pluto…)

#3 in a Series There's a buzzing going on... What's happening with this country? With the poor? The 2 Percenters? With the economy? With the bi-partisan government? With the climate, superstorms, tornadoes? With the corporations? With the IRS? With the crazy bombings and shootings... "WTF is going on?!" Yup, Uranus / Pluto Square... Haven't I [...]

got meditation?

As the Observer, you are always in choice...

Why meditate? What's the point? I felt that way for a long time myself... "waste of time" I thought. Was I wrong! What I discovered was that meditation gives you greater control over your thoughts... and that may be the most important key to happiness! Most of us have minds that natter at us all [...]