What’s Your Piece?

Are You Enough? Know Your Value

Luminance vs. Saboteur

Too few of us know what "value" we bring to the world and are trapped by our Saboteurs into believing we are somehow "not enough". Despite all of our years of education (theoretically designed to understand our contribution) very few of us know our value. It's no wonder why we're all confused on this point... [...]

The Success Zone

Eye of the beholder, Twilight Zone

“Success” is a mysterious land for many of us. For some it’s like Shangri-La; a mystical place where everything is beautiful and always just out of reach. For others, “Success” is a “Twilight Zone”, even more frightening than failure, because it is pregnant with possibilities and potentially dashed expectations. In either case, our vision of [...]

WTF is going on? (Yup, Uranus Pluto…)

#3 in a Series There's a buzzing going on... What's happening with this country? With the poor? The 2 Percenters? With the economy? With the bi-partisan government? With the climate, superstorms, tornadoes? With the corporations? With the IRS? With the crazy bombings and shootings... "WTF is going on?!" Yup, Uranus / Pluto Square... Haven't I [...]