Your Mercury Retrograde Rx (Prescription)

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Greek god Hermes aka Roman god Mercury

Play Podcast (Cut to the chase? The usual Mercury Retrograde Cautions) Have you ever sat on a still train when the train beside you started to move and it felt like it was your train that was moving when yours was actually still? That's kinda what it looks like Mercury is doing from our perspective [...]

Healing Your Relationship With Yourself

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Perhaps it’s not a coincidence that my top two most popular pod casts were released three days apart: “Procrastination” and “If you can’t trust yourself, who can you trust?” I believe that both concepts reflect a society-wide betrayal of "self". You would think that we would honor our relationships to ourselves first. I’m talking about life [...]

Stress Relief; It's All In Your Head

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This is Part One in a Two-Part Series... “Stress relief” is a “hot topic” these days, and it seems as though our modern lives are becoming increasingly stressful all the time. We’ve got financial worries, information overload, job layoffs, mortgage issues, wars… the list could go on. Yet, some people are less stressed-out than others. [...]

It Starts With You

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I've heard rumblings... rumblings for quite some time now about "where we're headed as a civilization." Books have been written... 2012... geological disruptions... atmospheric changes... wars... Global warming... unrest in Egypt, Korea, Jordan... etc. Collectively, many are getting "nervous". AND as a species, we do this kind of "catastrophizing" more often than we realize. (Understand [...]