Are You an “Epiphany” Junkie?

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Man and Dog

Warning: This post may piss you off... If one more person tells me that their event will "change my life forever" I may have to hit them with an overripe banana. I don't know if it's just a New York thing, but everybody and their cousin seems to be offering "breakthrough", "life changing", "shake up [...]

Could you be saying "No" to Joy? Mercury Retro & the Quality of Your Life

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Hanson-Roberts Four of Cups

Many of us live in a very small room in our lives... and I don’t mean a NYC studio apartment! I’m talking about keeping yourself “small”, never getting “too excited”, “too passionate”, “too much”, to avoid feeling disappointed. But how is living an “almost life” a fair trade for never feeling disappointed? The Law of [...]

Wearing Blinders? Redefining "Success" during Mercury Retrograde

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Where is your vision blocked or narrow?

Play Podcast (6:07 minutes) During this Mercury Retrograde, I’ve been taking my own advice and have been revisiting the quality of my life. What’s surfaced has been interesting and frankly unexpected. Referring to my last article, I began to explore my “Home or Personal Life” (see Leo) and, in turn, how that winds up affecting [...]

Your Ticket Out of "Crappy-Land" – Get Through a Bad Day

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Downward Spiral

“What we resist, persists.” — Carl Jung Circumstances, real or imagined, can send us on a downward spiral. We can fight it, trying all the usual aphorisms: “look at the bright side”... “remember all the good” in an effort to play “keep away”, but sometimes we can’t seem to avoid that sign post up ahead: [...]

The Success Zone

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Eye of the beholder, Twilight Zone

“Success” is a mysterious land for many of us. For some it’s like Shangri-La; a mystical place where everything is beautiful and always just out of reach. For others, “Success” is a “Twilight Zone”, even more frightening than failure, because it is pregnant with possibilities and potentially dashed expectations. In either case, our vision of [...]

Courage ≠ Fearless – Mars, Uranus, Pluto T-Square

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There is no Courage without Fear...

When I turned 40 I got my driver's license. It took me three tries to pass the road test. Terrible driver? Not really... terriFIED. Then I went out and bought a Mini Cooper S, yeah the turbo... stick shift. Why am I telling you this? I was terrified to drive. I was born & raised [...]