The Success Zone

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Eye of the beholder, Twilight Zone

“Success” is a mysterious land for many of us. For some it’s like Shangri-La; a mystical place where everything is beautiful and always just out of reach. For others, “Success” is a “Twilight Zone”, even more frightening than failure, because it is pregnant with possibilities and potentially dashed expectations. In either case, our vision of [...]

Quit "Shoulding" on Yourself? Reclaim Your “Why”

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multi-tasking woman

(Wish I could claim that one, but an excellent friend coined it, or borrowed it...) Are you doing what you "should" do? You ever get stuck in your day 'cuz you're "shoulding" all over yourself? You know what I mean, "I should do that..." no wait, "I should do this..." and "I should call so [...]

Birthing Your Independence: Mercury Retro in Cancer

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Play Podcast Taking ownership for our own happiness now allows us to create meaningful lives today."― Christine Faucher-Kelley On our country's upcoming "birthday", we continue to ride out this emotional Mercury Retrograde in Cancer (6/26/13-7/19/13). As I mentioned in my last post, in addition to the usual Mercury Retrograde cautions to be mindful, this cycle [...]

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces: The Shadow From The Deep

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Chartres Cathedral, Pisces Stained Glass

Play Podcast #1 in a Series of 3 “Mercury Retrograde”... the very phrase strikes fear into the hearts of many. Everyone wants to hide in bed with the covers up over their heads, attributing every “issue” that crops up during this period to that “trickster” Mercury: cars break down, trains & planes are delayed, your [...]

On Your Marks.

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Many of today’s thought-leaders tout the importance of living meaningful lives. They provide profound and deeply meaningful offerings to get us moving: step-by-step solutions, workbooks, and inspirational videos, transformational prose, pod casts, workshops, seminars… and nearly all of the information can be powerful, and holds true wisdom. They incite us to: make powerful contributions to [...]

Walking the Walk

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I can talk the talk, but can I walk the walk? Just this week I had an opportunity to find out.

Early Morning, January 2, 2012... "Wham!"

The flu... Fever of 102°, chills, headache, congestion, the whole shebang. Welcome to the New Year... Sheesh!

But the plot thickens... I was scheduled to give a workshop on 1/8 of all new material at a new venue! As the days passed, and the Kleenex boxes rotated, I knew I'd have to decide. Would I honor my body's need to recover, or would I push it to the limit?