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Mercury Retrograde in Pisces: The Shadow From The Deep

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Chartres Cathedral, Pisces Stained Glass

Play Podcast #1 in a Series of 3 “Mercury Retrograde”... the very phrase strikes fear into the hearts of many. Everyone wants to hide in bed with the covers up over their heads, attributing every “issue” that crops up during this period to that “trickster” Mercury: cars break down, trains & planes are delayed, your [...]

Your Mercury Retrograde Rx (Prescription)

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Greek god Hermes aka Roman god Mercury

Play Podcast (Cut to the chase? The usual Mercury Retrograde Cautions) Have you ever sat on a still train when the train beside you started to move and it felt like it was your train that was moving when yours was actually still? That's kinda what it looks like Mercury is doing from our perspective [...]

Astrology & Choice… How your Sun Sign affects your choices

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Old Astrology Clock

(Originally Published 9/9/11) “It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters…” —Epictetus (55-135) Greek Philosopher How do you choose to respond to your life today? That might sound like a strange question coming from an astrologer, huh? Many seem to think that astrology will tell you how you should [...]