Quit "Shoulding" on Yourself? Reclaim Your “Why”

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multi-tasking woman

(Wish I could claim that one, but an excellent friend coined it, or borrowed it...) Are you doing what you "should" do? You ever get stuck in your day 'cuz you're "shoulding" all over yourself? You know what I mean, "I should do that..." no wait, "I should do this..." and "I should call so [...]

Announcing A New Approach to Overwhelm & Procrastination

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For the past few months I've been developing an exciting workshop collection! (I will announce workshop dates as they become available). What has emerged is a new Life Development paradigm to increase personal awareness and create transformational change towards your intentional life. Over the coming weeks, I will be publishing this new series in blogs [...]

The Perfection Trap

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The Perfect Human?

I hate to burst your bubble, but there is no such thing as a “perfect human.” In fact “perfection”, by any typical definition, is a myth. If personal perfection means to be “flawless” then the entire world would have to perceive you as such. If I’m catching you early enough, never learn to walk: you [...]