Wearing Blinders? Redefining "Success" during Mercury Retrograde

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Where is your vision blocked or narrow?

Play Podcast (6:07 minutes) During this Mercury Retrograde, I’ve been taking my own advice and have been revisiting the quality of my life. What’s surfaced has been interesting and frankly unexpected. Referring to my last article, I began to explore my “Home or Personal Life” (see Leo) and, in turn, how that winds up affecting [...]

Sun Signs of Change

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Change & You, What's Your Sign?

Perhaps you are one of the “well-adjusted” people who can recognize every moment as one that serves a purpose; you flow with what comes, you create your days and live in perpetual gratitude, giving from an endless well... Mazel Tov and a heartfelt blessing goes out to you; we need you in the world! For [...]

Your Sun Sign Energy: Are you running on fumes?

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We are all One under the Sun

Your Sun Sign (what most people call "your Sign") is an important piece of the puzzle of you. By no means is it the only piece, but it does represent your Solar Energy or the "fuel" that empowers your life. Think of your Solar Energy as the gas in your car's engine. When your tank [...]

How do your Moon’s needs affect your choices?

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While your Sun Sign represents the energy that fuels your life purpose, your Moon Sign represents those unconscious needs that, when unfulfilled or disowned, sap your energy and leave you feeling flat, overwhelmed, or just plain emotional. Your Moon Sign indicates what you need to feel comfortable, peaceful and centered. (See Part One of an [...]

The Perfection Trap

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The Perfect Human?

I hate to burst your bubble, but there is no such thing as a “perfect human.” In fact “perfection”, by any typical definition, is a myth. If personal perfection means to be “flawless” then the entire world would have to perceive you as such. If I’m catching you early enough, never learn to walk: you [...]