Why "Surviving" is Killing You

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"Huh?" Yup, that's right. "Killing time" is killing you. You, with the baffled expression on your face staring into the computer screen, you are here for a reason... Whether you believe in a "higher power" or not, there is something you are uniquely suited for, your "gift", something that brings some light into the eyes, [...]

No Saboteur in the Moment

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When you're with your Saboteur, you're not here. The Saboteur, by its very nature, pulls you into the past because that's where its foundations lie. Chances are slim that the present moment that apparently triggered your unpleasant inner monologue, actually holds any threats. It's your history that holds the fears. Think on this: you stand [...]

Send your Saboteur packing

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Your Saboteur... you know, that voice in your head that tells you that “you can’t do that”, or that “you don’t have enough time”, or that “you don’t deserve it,” or that, “you’re too old”, or that “you’re not good enough”? This may surprise some of you, but that voice is not You. It’s the [...]