Are You an “Epiphany” Junkie?

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Man and Dog

Warning: This post may piss you off... If one more person tells me that their event will "change my life forever" I may have to hit them with an overripe banana. I don't know if it's just a New York thing, but everybody and their cousin seems to be offering "breakthrough", "life changing", "shake up [...]

Everybody Like You? The Libra Challenge

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Libra Scales of Justice

If you've got some Libra somewhere in your chart, you probably want everybody to like you. I hate to break the news to you, but it ain't gonna happen. As the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries says "I am" and proceeds to discover just what that means: "the world according to Aries." It may [...]

Saying "Yes" when you mean "No"? Reclaim Your Sun

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Sun through the trees

Why do we say "yes" when we mean "no"? When we say that what someone wants is more important than what we want; we give them our power. (Note for Parents: Our children are very important and... they learn self-valuing by watching us. Striking a balance here is vital which is a topic for a [...]

Birthing Your Independence: Mercury Retro in Cancer

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Play Podcast Taking ownership for our own happiness now allows us to create meaningful lives today."― Christine Faucher-Kelley On our country's upcoming "birthday", we continue to ride out this emotional Mercury Retrograde in Cancer (6/26/13-7/19/13). As I mentioned in my last post, in addition to the usual Mercury Retrograde cautions to be mindful, this cycle [...]

Mercury Retrograde in Cancer: Who’s Your Mama?

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Stained Glass of Sign of Cancer from Chartres Cathedral, Chartres France, c. 1220

#2 in a Series of 3 "Mercury governs our thoughts and perceptions and these can limit us; but Mercury also gives us the ability to have new thoughts... which free... us."1 This will be the 2nd of three Mercury Retrograde periods in water this year. Mercury will be Retrograde from Wednesday, June 26, 2013 through [...]