Mercury Retrograde in Cancer: Who’s Your Mama?

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Stained Glass of Sign of Cancer from Chartres Cathedral, Chartres France, c. 1220

#2 in a Series of 3 "Mercury governs our thoughts and perceptions and these can limit us; but Mercury also gives us the ability to have new thoughts... which free... us."1 This will be the 2nd of three Mercury Retrograde periods in water this year. Mercury will be Retrograde from Wednesday, June 26, 2013 through [...]

Your Sun Sign Energy: Are you running on fumes?

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We are all One under the Sun

Your Sun Sign (what most people call "your Sign") is an important piece of the puzzle of you. By no means is it the only piece, but it does represent your Solar Energy or the "fuel" that empowers your life. Think of your Solar Energy as the gas in your car's engine. When your tank [...]

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces: The Shadow From The Deep

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Chartres Cathedral, Pisces Stained Glass

Play Podcast #1 in a Series of 3 “Mercury Retrograde”... the very phrase strikes fear into the hearts of many. Everyone wants to hide in bed with the covers up over their heads, attributing every “issue” that crops up during this period to that “trickster” Mercury: cars break down, trains & planes are delayed, your [...]

How do your Moon’s needs affect your choices?

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While your Sun Sign represents the energy that fuels your life purpose, your Moon Sign represents those unconscious needs that, when unfulfilled or disowned, sap your energy and leave you feeling flat, overwhelmed, or just plain emotional. Your Moon Sign indicates what you need to feel comfortable, peaceful and centered. (See Part One of an [...]

Healing Your Relationship With Yourself

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Perhaps it’s not a coincidence that my top two most popular pod casts were released three days apart: “Procrastination” and “If you can’t trust yourself, who can you trust?” I believe that both concepts reflect a society-wide betrayal of "self". You would think that we would honor our relationships to ourselves first. I’m talking about life [...]