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Your Ticket Out of "Crappy-Land" – Get Through a Bad Day

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Downward Spiral

“What we resist, persists.” — Carl Jung Circumstances, real or imagined, can send us on a downward spiral. We can fight it, trying all the usual aphorisms: “look at the bright side”... “remember all the good” in an effort to play “keep away”, but sometimes we can’t seem to avoid that sign post up ahead: [...]

Moon Void of Course 101

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The moon guides our emotional needs. When it is Void of Course, sit back and reflect.

(Calendars Provided below: November-December, 2013. Or SUBSCRIBE to the iCal calendar which will be updated monthly.) The Moon Void of Course is a time of drifting and dreaming and quiet contemplation... The Moon (the seat of our emotional needs) has completed its aspect "to-do" list, and will "hang out in the Void" in its current [...]

It Starts With You

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I've heard rumblings... rumblings for quite some time now about "where we're headed as a civilization." Books have been written... 2012... geological disruptions... atmospheric changes... wars... Global warming... unrest in Egypt, Korea, Jordan... etc. Collectively, many are getting "nervous". AND as a species, we do this kind of "catastrophizing" more often than we realize. (Understand [...]