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Your Sun Sign Energy: Are you running on fumes?

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We are all One under the Sun

Your Sun Sign (what most people call "your Sign") is an important piece of the puzzle of you. By no means is it the only piece, but it does represent your Solar Energy or the "fuel" that empowers your life. Think of your Solar Energy as the gas in your car's engine. When your tank [...]

Announcing A New Approach to Overwhelm & Procrastination

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For the past few months I've been developing an exciting workshop collection! (I will announce workshop dates as they become available). What has emerged is a new Life Development paradigm to increase personal awareness and create transformational change towards your intentional life. Over the coming weeks, I will be publishing this new series in blogs [...]

Why "Surviving" is Killing You

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"Huh?" Yup, that's right. "Killing time" is killing you. You, with the baffled expression on your face staring into the computer screen, you are here for a reason... Whether you believe in a "higher power" or not, there is something you are uniquely suited for, your "gift", something that brings some light into the eyes, [...]